Project details

  • Final Budget:: $9,500
  • Square Feet:: 1000 sq.ft.
  • Contract Type:: Garden Design (CM)
  • Chief Designer:: Spencer Matthew Bennington
  • Location:: Anchorage, Alaska

The images in the slider above represent different stages of the exterior remodeling that we did:

  • Just see how the huge yard of this Alaskan house looked before – it was all but a misused canvas
  • After – we hedged the inner part of the garden and decorated it with some nice rocks and Bonica roses
  • Front porch after – the decor on the outside of the house was made to be similar in its look to the house. It just makes sense.
  • After – pathway leading from the front porch to the right side of the house was orderly hedged and spruced
  • Backyard before – the garden was full of weeds and the plants planted years before were dying
  • After – we’ve cleaned up all the weed, replanted and installed new flower beds
  • After – the pond is a great spot to sit and have a tea and enjoy the view
  • Backyard after became a place for taking a joyful stroll

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